The Maverick

Book One of the Den of the Fallen Series

Three supernaturals, one house of ill repute.

A hero with a terrifying secret…

Lucas Barnett, a joint owner of a prestigious brothel in London, desires to leave the life of sin behind.  His dreams of peace and a normal life are shattered the night he gets turned into a werewolf.  After constantly fighting the instincts of the beast within, Lucas decides to satisfy it, but that requires him to find his one true mate.  A stirring in his soul occurs at the idea of lifelong partner, but brings about a problem he has not had until now:  how to seduce a woman’s heart instead of her body.

A damsel in distress…

Emmaline Harrington finds herself penniless after the death of her father.  To make matters worse, she is threatened when a debt collector surfaces, putting her life and her virginity at stake.  Without any other options she flees to the Den of the Fallen, a place where courtesans make an obscene amount of money pleasuring the city’s elite members.  It is there she meets Lucas, a man who seems to like her despite her eccentricities. In his arms she experiences a passion she has never known and begins to doubt her ability to keep her feelings professional.

Enemies want to tear Lucas and Emmaline apart.  He must battle external forces while fighting the internal needs of the beast, but will his heart survive?

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